Monday, January 30, 2012

REP-50600 while starting up reports server

This seems to be a very common issue.

When searched for "REP-50600", found Dirk's blog, who has created a post on his blog ( for this issue.

The rwserver_diagnostic.log shows "REP-50600 : Broadcasting is disabled. Please enable cosnaming for Reports discovery".

To solve this:

1. Follow Dirk's blog link given above to see if you are having issues with default gateway.


2. Enable cosnaming by following "How to Switch Between Multicast and NamingService in Reports 10.1.2 [ID 337619.1]"


3. If you don't want to enable cosnaming and want to keep the default multicast then check whether your firewall allows multicast traffic on port specified in rwnetwork.conf e.g. 14021. Follow steps given  in Oracle.Reports.Engine.Rwengine Keeps Spawning when multicast is enabled in LINUX [ID 1272362.1]

Hope this helps.

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