Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Reading Expert Oracle Exadata

"Expert Oracle Exadata" by Kerry Osborne, Randy Johnson, Tanel P├Áder

I have started reading this book keeping a target in mind i.e. Oracle Exadata Implementation Specialist certification...

Already have read the first chapter and very impressed with the way the authors have explained the concepts.

I would recommened everyone who are looking forward to make career in Exadata but doesnt know much about it to start with the first chapter of this book...this chapter touches on history, need, hw components, sw components, etc.

I will keep posting as I go on reading this book...

Pointers on what first chapter covers briefly:
-Database servers
-Storage servers
-X2-2 (quarter, half and full rack)
-HP Disks (High Performance)
-HC Disks (High Capacity)
- Spine switch (for exadata expansions)
- ILOM (Integrated lights out manager)
- Intel based SUN servers
-Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel of linux (UEK)
- Solaris express too
- Infiniband switches
-384GB Flash drives per storage server
-iDB protocol
-RDS protocol
-MS and RS
-OSW on storage server

and many more....