Tuesday, March 6, 2012

httpd.worker consumes 100% CPU when FMW control accessed

After successful installation of :
Weblogic (10.3.4)
WebTier Utilities (

Created domain using config.sh at

Everything looked ok until we tried to access httpd.conf/dads.conf files from Fusion Middleware Control under ohs1=>Configuration=>Advanced Configuration. FMW control would just hang and would not show the .conf file. On the server top showed httpd.worker process consuming lot of resources. CPU was 100% and it was taking up memory as well.

At one point it consumed swap also and there was no other option than to power reboot the server.

2-3 times we were able to kill the httpd.worker process which was consuming 100% cpu and strangely fmw control would show the file as soon as the process is killed.

There was no error reported in any of the logs e.g. syslog, AdminServer logs, & ohs/webcache logs.

The only problem we noticed was the way /etc/hosts was configured.

It was configured in below format:

<ip address> <shortname> <fully qualified hostname>

We changed it to below format:

<ip address> <fully qualified hostname> <shortname>

Uninstalled Oracle software i.e. weblogic and webtier. And reinstalled.

And this time the problem went away.

We tried the same solution other 2 servers where we had same issue and /etc/hosts was configured wrongly. The solution worked on them too.

Hope this helps.

Friday, March 2, 2012

FRM-92120: Registry file Registry.dat is missing

After 11g installation sungard banner app(INB) wouldnt launch. It was giving this error consistently:

It was complaining about missing Registry.dat.

In 10g:
Registry.dat is located at $ORACLE_HOME/forms/java/oracle/forms/registry

In 11g
-Registry.dat was NOT present at $ORACLE_HOME/forms/java/oracle/forms/registry
-So we searched under MW_HOME

$ find . -name Registry.dat

 - We copied the one under DOMAIN_HOME to $ORACLE_HOME/forms/java/oracle/forms/registry  but that did NOT help, we received same error

BTW, same server has 10g installation and was being used for long time. Also frmall.jar points to actual location of Registry.dat

Since we had 10g installation on the same servers and our laptops(clients) has cached 10g stuff, it was not loading 11g frmall.jar and thats why it was looking at wrong location.

To solve the problem, we deleted JRE cache and it loaded 11g frmall.jar and the error vanished.

To delete JRE cache:
Go to your computer(client) Control Panel=> Java => Settings under Temporary Internet Files => Delete Files

Hope this helps.